Based upon its great publicity campaign, Destination Europe managed to draw the attention of more than 11.600 visitors in two days. Especially the interactive nature of many of the booths resonated well with the visitors.

What visitors liked most
  • Selfiecontest
  • Attractive backdrops and European Landmarks as stilts for taking photos
  • Attractive booth designs featuring European landmarks
  • Dress up in traditionalcostumes
  • Foodtasting
  • Facepainting
  • Games and quizzes with give-away prizes for participants
  • Goodies to take home
The combination of landscapes, culture, and historical sites tops the list of why visitors wish to travel to Europe. This is an interesting perspective allowing not only the big cities of Europe to benefit from future tourism flows. The wider territory of Europe, with small cities and spectacular rural landscape, will attract the “new” visitor from Indonesia.

Appealing European features quoted by Indonesian visitors
  • Natural beauty 87,8 %
  • Culture 73,6 %
  • Historical sites 62,1 %
  • Cities 57,9 %
  • Culinary 32,9 %
  • Shopping 19,3 %
Visitor satisfaction was high, both in respect of the programme and, more importantly, the format of the event. In summary,
  • more than 90% considered that the event is worth recommending to others
  • 89,7% thought that it should be held regularly
  • 76,3% considered the Destination Europe format as better than other similar events
  • 71,8 % found a more varied range of exhibitors than atother similar events.
  • the number of exhibitors closes the list with only 54,7% of approval above average.
This demonstrates that the public were very excited and would welcome another similar event but with more exhibitors and more variety being presented.

Kartika Expo, Balai Kartini Exhibition & Convention Center

Jl. Jend. Gatot Subroto Kav. 37 Kuningan Timur Jakarta 12950