Be part of Destination Europe 2016

"Destination Europe 2016" will be, for the second time, the biggest European Travel Fair in Indonesia. It will include a multitude of European and Indonesian exhibitors providing first-hand information on their destinations and products. An attractive entertainment programme and a tasty food festival will complete this unique experience for the visitor, creating long-lasting positive emotions, curiosity, and attitudes that eventually will transform into real travel to Europe. Click here to get a glimpse of our 2014 event, browse through our photo gallery or download our event report here. Private companies and transnational organisations can enjoy a special free support service.

Present Yourself as a Part of Europe’s Travel Landscape

We expect a multitude of different exhibitors from the public and private sector, from both Indonesia and Europe at Destination Europe 2016 [See a list of 2014’s exhibitors here]. [Link to Exhibitors 2014] The variety of exhibitors, combined with a colourful stage programme, interactive workshops and a food festival, will give visitors a better insight into s Europe’s diversity and the great opportunities it holds. You have the opportunity to be part of this great landscape and establish your brand amongst new potential customers and build up new business contacts.

Benefit From an Innovative Format, Joining The Best of Two Worlds

A concept situated between a tourism fair and an image event – the innovative format of “Destination Europe” combines the better of these two worlds in terms of impact, attraction, visibility, business contacts, and long-term image. It also stands out as an example for sharing initiative and responsibility between public and private institutions, low cost per contact, and high interest for media - uptake.

Join Forces With Other Exhibitors and Create a Win-win Situation

Destination Europe creates a win-win situation for public and private exhibitors. The objectives of visibility and image of Europe as a whole, represented by the European Union as the initiator of the Destination Europe idea, are combined with the opportunity for a hands-on experience for the visitor generated by private stakeholders. Neither a purely commercial tourism fair, nor a formal presentation of Europe, could achieve this effect. Moreover, by working together in this way, the cost for each partner is lower.

  • Offers very good cost-per-contact ratio
  • Attracts potential customers with and without clear travel plans
  • Generates a positive image and creates interest in future travel
  • Leads to future results through
  • Represents the full scope of Europe
  • Innovative event format with attractive concept attracts media coverage for free
  • Offer great opportunities for B2B contacts from Europe and Indonesia alike

Tap Into One of The Largest and Fastest Growing Upcoming Markets for Tourism, Indonesia

Indonesian travel to Europe has an excellent potential for growth as outbound travel from Indonesia nearly quadrupled between 2001 (2.5 million) and 2013 (7.8 million). Similar to China and other BRIC countries a growing educated and curious middle class is eager to find information and inspiration for now and the future. Now is the right moment to attract this upcoming market and to anchor Europe in the mindset of present and future visitors from Indonesia.